This October, our product of the month is our MayFlower Long Oval Textured Metal Bowl available in Black and silver. This stunning design tray is a perfect addition to autumn and winter interiors and has a mindful and relaxing element about it, using elegant materials.


The Metal bowl is stylish and charismatic, and has a rustic feel about it, perfect for the coming season. It oozes luxury, and is large enough to display as a focal point in reception or living space, or use as a trinket tray in the bathroom or bedroom. You can even use it to present your candy at Halloween.

It is polished, and nickel-plated making it long lasting, and retaining its beauty. It will get you through all of the seasons, all year round.

Throughout the month, we will be offering 10% off the Mayflower using code mayflower10. We are sure you will love it as much as we do!