Don’t let Halloween knock your home off of its style game this October with the London Homeware Company. Avoid gimmicky and novelty standard colours, and think deep dark woods, coppers and silvers, with their top 5 ideas for a stylish Halloween.


1. Orange is a classic colour when you think of Halloween. From pumpkins, to decorations, it can be a ghastly colour. However, if placed in your home subtly, it can add a dash of colour to any room. Don’t accessorise with black, instead try silvers and whites to make it less scary.



2. Black works well in living spaces, and bedrooms if they are minimalistic. Adding them into rooms with whites, blues and darker hues add instant impact. Try to avoid pairing with bright colours, including orange. We recommend the antique looking hammer coppered snack dish, or the Harrington black and white curved fruit bowl, with seasonal fruit or pot puree.





3. Wood is a huge trend this autumn, and adding deep, dark wood homeware, creates a sense of eeriness, whilst remaining stylish. It creates a sense of nature, and woods, without the creepy horror elements. Try painting it black, copper or rustic gold for a special effect.



4. Avoid the traditional pumpkin and bat shaped decorations and focus more on autumn patterns including leaves and handmade items. The copperfield leaf metal tray or the Wali orange enamel fruit bowl are beautiful, autumnal accessories and you can serve Halloween themed canapés and treats on them.



5. You don’t need to create a haunted house this Halloween to create drama and effect. Instead, incorporate oversized interiors including large fruit bowls like the Hallie Coppered Hammered fruit bowl or the Kingly curved metal and gold enamel fruit bowl. They are stunning to look at and you won’t get any unwanted surprises. 


This Halloween, ensure that your home is all treat and no tricks with the London Homeware Company.