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Achieving simplicity in design is, funnily enough, no simple task..  For our latest looks products that appears effortlessly elegant but also carefully curated. 

Continuing on the theme of placement, where you position your furniture can also impact on the design aesthetic of your home. When it comes to elegance, go for quality over quantity. Choose pieces with inherent character that will add interest, rather than a suite of matching pieces. Think about placing them centrally rather than up against walls so that you can draw attention to them, and go big, but minimal. In other words, invest in that large dining table, put it in the centre of your room, and keep the focus there rather than overcrowding the room with other pieces that will make it look cluttered. One way to do this is to hang lighting above the table that pulls the eye inwards and downwards.


products to recommend from The London Homeware Company 

Kemp - Dark Brown Suede Look Tissue Box Cover £28 
Chester - Round Copper Metal Fruit Bowl £38
Barlow - Large red round fruit bowl £28

Alphan High gloss walnut veneer Tray L 40cm x W 30cm