Christmas Accessories to be reused throughout the year

Our collection ranges from practical pieces – such as trays and candle/t-light holders that are as stylish as they are useful – to purely decorative objects that are simply there to adorn and embellish.

There is a variety to choose from on

simply for choose red coloured item to symbolise the event however these can be used throughout the year, simply change its purpose or change its room setting to give a different feel.

Turn your simple tray from serving Christmas drinks to dressing it with Tights and floral items after the event.

Play with shape and sizes which is very varied on the website.

Charlton - Round Metal & Enamel Fruit Bowl can be used for simple fruit bowl in the kitchen area throughout the year and dressed with potporri during Christmas and used in the hallway.

 Barlow - Large red round fruit bowl  once again can be converted from a fruit bowl to a decorative piece during the Christmas festivities.